Michelle C. LeClair

Advertising has been a passion of mine ever since I started watching commercials as a child. I noticed the strategy behind commercial placement and technique, it fascinated me. Great design communicates impactful messages and provokes positive actions. I’ve learned to use design in ways that increase brand awareness and revenue for businesses. I’ve also learned that great design does nothing if it’s not implemented properly. Marketing, advertising, and design must work together to target the right market, at the right time, with the right offer.

I’ve been working professionally as a web designer and front-end developer for over seven years. I’ve focused my career on using strategy to improve websites and digital marketing efforts for the clients I serve. I’m passionate, dedicated, and always striving for excellence. Contact me today for more information or to talk about an upcoming opportunity!

Phone: 262-893-9011
Email: LeClair.Miche@Gmail.com